Alice Turner

Owner & Stylist

My passion has always been to make women beautiful through their hair. It was my dream as a teenager to have my own business. My mother who is now deceased often told me that I should open my own hair salon. Like many others, I started doing hair for my friends, neighbors and family members. Word quickly spread about my skills and the unique styles I created. In 1984 I graduated from Welford Academy in Philadelphia. I have continuously worked in the beauty salon business since that time, specializing in hair cutting, coloring, weaving, ect. Staying at the top of my game is important to me. My training has continued since graduation with Dudley and other hair continuation training courses. My dream of owning my own salon came to fruition in 1994 when I opened Angels Touch Hair Salon in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. This name was created from the nickname my husband William R. Turner gave to me over 30 years ago "Angel". I always liked to "touch" my customer's hair as I consulted with them and gave them tips on what I could do with their hair. My Nickname and my special touch led to the name Angel's Touch Hair Salon. Call 610-284-9534 for your appointment with me or the others angels at Angels Touch hair Salon. Alice Turner


Dana- Rene R Gaines

Hair Stylist

Hi my name is Dana-Rene, I Specialize in Barbering/cutting and healthy hair care. I love working with natural hair and no heat styling. My goal is to make everyone who comes to Angels Touch Hair Salon feel very comfortable and satisfied. I want you to leave with confidence knowing that I made you happy with a smile on your face feeling great!